Cara Gordon

This latest series of works shows a marked change in both style and content since returning from Spain to live and work in the UK . The vibrant colourful canvasses have given way to a more austere, monochromatic colourscale.The traditional media of oil paint is replaced by charcoal and mixed media. 
Using found photosnaps, old letters and papers as a point of departure - the themes of the passing of time, memory and the personal narrative are still present .Through a process of fragmenting and then reconstructing the materials, we see the image on the point of dissolving before coming back into sharp focus. This can be interpreted as a reflection of the uneven and often selective nature of human memory.
 I have always been drawn to portraits that display enigmatic expressions - but a portrait is so much more than just an arrangement of features, it is also about the personal story of the subject, and it is this " hidden stuff ", below the surface which the viewer often looks for. With this in mind, I have retained an improvisational quality to the collages, allowing layers of material to peel away revealing random texts and images below the surface - This torn fractured quality also reflects the texture of urban walls. On visiting a city I often find myself photographing the unexpected beauty found on the weathered surfaces and walls.The multiple layers of ripped posters, papers, paint and random marks.create a dense textured patchwork which can be powerfully evocative, containing clues or suggestions about events long past.
Over the years, animals have been a recurring theme in Cara's work.
 The pieces in this latest series of dogs are not so much concerned with depicting a detailed portrait but rather more focus on the energy and movement of the animal, reducing the image to a series of smudges and lines.
The colours and textures of this series are once again informed by the surroundings where she lives and works.
2013 royal ulster academy show, Belfast
         National Art Competition, London, ( winner of regional award)

2014 royal Hibernian show, Dublin
         Royal Ulster Academy show, Belfast ( winner of Irish News award)



8" x 10"

Mixed Media


Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers