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Joe Campbell

Joe Campbell left the University of Ulster in 1981 and worked for some years as a graphic artist and designer in his native city of Derry. He has worked for the past several years as a Stain Glass Artist and many examples of his work can be found in churches throughout Ireland and Britain. He has also spent the past two years working on large-scale interior decoration projects reproducing old Master paintings ranging from the Pre-Raphaelites to Caravaggio. Recently, Joe has returned to his first love, that of landscape painting.

Joe is a painter of the traditional school of meticulous naturalism. If you are one of those "I know what I like" people then you will love these paintings. At a casual glance his work may look like photographic realism in that he treats his subjects with great attention to detail, however his paintings are not just unedited copies of real places, for Joe is a clever and versatile colourist and his subtle brushwork rewards a closer look. He is faithful to his art, and each picture is a careful balance of form and colour, as one would expect a good painting to be.

last flowers of summer