Ludmila Korol

The paintings reflect the ever-changing landscape of human emotions. Described by the language of colour and an instinctive approach, the works contain a deep sensuality. The paintings become meditations, vessels of an emotional life reflecting the profound travels of a heart and mind. I invite viewers in by breaking through the flat surface of the canvas using different materials to create complicated abstract layers. Colour is used to stimulate emotional balance or imbalance. It opens channels to the depths of the psyche; it can be a healing process for both the artist and viewer. My paintings are like friends, often subversive, disturbing, soothing, or contemplative. Composition is important in contemporary art. Any chaos in the painting has a purpose. I am trying to find perfection with technique, and how the picture is made is as important as what it is in it. Each colour and every shape is carefully thought out. I contemplate a long time before I add a line or shape. If you were to change one colour or remove one shape the painting would lose its balance. I am subliminally searching for perfect harmony.

Ludmila was born in 1965 in the Ukraine. She graduated from Kiev State Academy of Fine Art in 1989. From 1992 Ludmila lived and worked as an artist in Prague.In 1996 she moved to Ireland.

Summer Days
Ludmila print 1
Ludmila print 2

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