Michael Friel


Michael Friel was born in 1966 in Glasgow ,Scotland to Irish parents. He attended Glasgow School of  Art from an early age specialising in Life Drawing then Glasgow College of Building and Printing doing Photographic studies. 

After working for 30 years as a Psychiatric nurse he returned to Ireland where he experienced a ‘ great reset ‘. He is now embarking on a journey of reconnecting with people, place and 

portraiture .


                                                         Artist’s Statement

The human face fascinates me . In my 30 years working with people as a nurse I saw the diverse range of emotions expressed in a moments glance .To develop my skills in capturing and communicating emotions I have drawn and painted the people who have influenced my life ; musical icons like Tom Waits , Luke Kelly , Jim Morrison, Poets like Yeats, Joyce, Shaw, Heaney, Wilde and Beckett also world influencers like Einstein, Ghandi, JFK, Mandela, Martin Luther King , Martin McGuinness, and Bernadette Devlin.

Working from my base in Buncrana I now have the skills and confidence to take commissions. I create bespoke portraits from photographs of people from every walk of life including children , babies group portraits , pets and special moments in peoples lives .

My work is representational. I love drawing and use mainly dry mediums; graphite and pastels mainly which allow me to work fast and produce finished portraits ready to be enjoyed.

Portraiture for me is our primary connection to each other through the truth and beauty conveyed in a look.

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Robin 2

St Vincents St, Glasgow

Bob Marley