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Rory Harron

My background is in literature and politics before I turned to art making in my early twenties and completed an MFA. In an attempt to fuse these differing interests, I did a PhD on the political agency of art, artists and non-artists in Glasgow. This lead onto curating, teaching and collaborative art making in Derry and now I am in Donegal focusing primarily on art while working as a bronze foundry technician. I am about to begin a 3 month residency in Leipzig which should prove inspiring.

The sculptural installations are parallel micro-worlds consisting of human and non-human figures in abstract landscapes. These strange beings coexist or collide in surreal or mundane scenarios which I do not fully understand. As others have said, it should be as much of a mystery to the artist as to what is happening as it is to the viewer.

I strive for dissonance and harmony in the form and content of the work. Adorno, whom I never fully understand (though I think that's the point) in his dialectical way wrote - 'Dissonance is the truth about harmony.' This quotation related to the atonal experiments of Schonberg. My work is formally exploring the boundaries of abstraction and representation. Modernist experiments of the grid, geometry and so on are as influential as narrative in history paintings. 

The installations are akin to a play or a puppet show - though frozen in time. Hegel spoke of how consciousness and indeed self consciousness comes into being through the recognition of the self within the other. The figures coalesce to form narratives or meander alone in thought. The surreal and/ or subconscious may break through or the scene may reside in the everyday and mundane. Like mannequins, the lifelike figures hopefully approach the uncanny as they are realistic yet forever unreal - both dead and alive.

Vincent Van Gogh