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Christy keeney

Christy Keeney studied ceramics at the Royal College of Art in London. He has also been commissioned by the sculptor Eduardo Paolozzi and HRH Prince of Wales.
His work is an investigation of the human figure and his forms are stretched to the point where sculpture and drawing overlap.

Christy has been an extremely popular exhibitor at The Cowley Gallery, and with huge demand for his work, we are delighted to have hosted Christy's first ever exhibition in Derry. 

Portrait 6.webp

'portrait 6'


'portrait 4'


Portrait 4.webp
Portrait 3.webp

'portrait 5'



'flat head 1'


Flat head 1.webp
Flat head 2.webp

'flat head 2'


'flat head 3'


Flat head 3.webp
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