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Andrea Redmond

The fine art of Dr. Andrea Redmond’s includes pieces in a variety of mediums from painting to sculpture. Themes include Irish native flora and fauna and women’s spirituality. She was born on Prince Edward Island, Canada and has exhibited her work including paintings and sculptures in
Ireland, Canada and the United States. She has been a political rights activist and artist in Canada and Northern Ireland for over 40 years. She was the first woman in Belfast to paint political murals, her first in 1983, She painted over 40 murals at the height of the Northern Irish Troubles with themes such as Irish Traveller cultural rights, anti-rubber bullets campaign, the Hunger Strike, highlighting child poverty and many honouring
women activists. Her mural work has featured in a number of publications and films on Northern Ireland.
She was a committee member of Driaocht, Children’s Art Festival, the first of its kind with Feile an Phobail in Belfast and has sat as chair on a number of women’s , art and multicultural groups and worked as a community development worker in women’s and Travellers groups. She has taught
programs in art, community development and youth work across Northern Ireland, in college settings and has worked in Galliagh Women’s Group and Foyle Women’s Information Network and as a result won the prestigious Women of the Year, in 2012 for her work in community arts.
She is a mother to three children and returned to higher education completing a doctorate with the Academy of Irish Cultural Heritages at Magee University in Derry, with research on the Irish Traveller
Community. Andrea resides in Donegal where she is operates her art studio/workshop Cailleachmooncottage

Springtime by Andrea Remond.webp

Spring Time

Life sized 2D artwork


Swan Jewelry Box


Swan Jewellery Box.webp
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