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keith drury

Keith’s art has been used by the rich and famous but is created simply to be enjoyed and to be a talking point on anybody's wall. He has received a public national commission and his work is on permanent display to the public in Belfast City Hall. Commercially Keith’s art has found its way into every world continent, appeared in advertising campaigns, jigsaws and luxury chocolate tins.

Keith cannot remember a time when he did not draw or make stuff but his introduction into the more serious art world began when the owner of a prestigious gallery took Keith under his wing lending him works of international artists to take home and copy. On return, the gallery owner would assess Keith's style and then test him with something completely different.

Now Keith after years of trying new things and mediums has developed his own unique style. Anyone who views Keith's work will have to admit it is unique - a rarity in a world where it seems anything anyone tries has been done before.

Keith has been approached by a number of the UK's largest art publishers but has resolved to remain completely independent as an artist although he has partnered with several art publishers where his independence has not been compromised.

All of Keith's work is created at the Potting Shed Studio and Gallery - a converted and very unusual historic stone building with its own palm house which in turn are set within a fully enclosed Victorian Walled garden. The Potting Shed Gallery sits on 60 acres of parkland which forms part of the old Tobar Mhuire estate in Crossgar, County Down. Visitors to the gallery can also enjoy a stroll amongst the peace and tranquility of the County Down countryside. Perfect for stimulating the creative juices.

Derry_Boulevard v.webp

'derry boulevard'
limited edition prints

Small £205

Medium £310

Large £430

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