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margaret stephenson

Margaret lives and works on the Isle of Lewis, painting in oils and watercolour in her unique light-filled studio. Converted from the remains of an old island blackhouse, the studio overlooks Loch Roag to Bernera and the Uig hills, a source of endless inspiration.
Working entirely from sketches and studies, without using photographs, she looks for shape, line and pattern to give an impression of her subject and then paints from these studies to capture the mood of the islands, its forms and life, its ever-changing light.
Since starting to exhibit in 2013, Margaret’s work and her unique view of the islands been added to collections throughout the world - Europe; the Americas from Canada to South America; India and Australia.
Margaret is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art where she studied graphic design. After taking a teaching certificate she taught art in schools for a few years, worked as a medical artist for a few more years and then as a graphic designer for a lot more years

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